Blockchain Marketing: The Dawn of New Careers



Crypto, Crypto coin, cryptocurrency, NFT, and Blockchain, are just a few of the terms that became popular lately when crypto became more accessible to most people. Cryptocurrency started with Bitcoin and the “genesis block.” The said block is the origin of the first bitcoins.

What is a Blockchain?

A blockchain is a shared list that processes transaction records and tracking assets in a business network.

Blocks hold the batches of valid transactions. Each block includes a cryptographic hash of the previous block in the chain that links both blocks. It forms a chain.

There are no betterer terms to describe blockchain technology. Why did Blockchain become so popular?

Blockchain has many advantages in a fast-paced digital world. First of all, it is highly secure, making infiltration impossible. Second, it is decentralized. Another great thing about it is that it is programmable and has automation capability.

Because of these reasons, it became so widely used that it also gave birth to some of the promising careers that involve it.

Here are some of the promising careers that were born through blockchains:

Blockchain Developers

Companies employ Blockchain developers to explore blockchain technology. Usually, these experts have tons of experience in programming languages such as C++, Javascript, and Python before shifting to blockchain development.

Blockchain Solution Architects

These people are responsible for designing, assigning, and connecting solution components to team experts like the devs, network admin, UX designing team, and IT Ops to complete the blockchain solution.

Blockchain Project Managers

They serve as the captain of the ship. They delegate blockchain projects to experts like the devs, designers, and other involved people working on the blockchain solution. They manage the entire process of developing the blockchain solution. They need technical knowledge of the subject to ensure the development is going through the right course. Another expertise they need to have is excellent communication. With this, they can delegate possible updates and resources from higher management.

Blockchain UX Designers

Design is one of the priority aspects of building a blockchain. Creating a user interface that is easy to use is one of their responsibilities. It entices regular users. They need to be keen on details, from the smallest to the biggest. They need to utilize their artistic side to ensure the success of their task.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

They are the ones who check and crawl the codes to see any faults, errors, or possible problems that could arise with the project. They also need to have deep knowledge of blockchain technology. Their responsibility is to ensure that blockchain development is in excellent flow. They test, troubleshoot, and foolproof the frameworks of the Blockchain. Like Project Managers, they need excellent communication skills for a harmonious working relationship.

Blockchain Legal Consultants

As Blockchain technology becomes popular with organizations, legal concerns usually arise. It is where Blockchain legal consultants come into play. Investors are keen on knowing all the details, including the legal implications behind the new technology. Investors are curious about how to protect their finances while using the technology. Because of these reasons, a Blockchain legal consultant must have a deep knowledge of International laws. And of course, excellent communication is also needed.

Crypto Marketing Team

These people work in a crypto marketing agency. Their responsibility is to ensure that the possible audience, investors, and reach are informed about the new technology launched. They usually formulate marketing campaign plans through enticing gimmicks, information drives, or even visual promotions. These methods are proven to draw a good volume of an audience to make a crypto brand relevant.

Crypto Journalists

Like the crypto marketing team, crypto journalists are also the reason why a crypto brand becomes relevant. Unconsciously, crypto journalists do Blockchain marketing through the content they make. Featuring a crypto brand in their articles is one way to reach out to possible audiences for the brand. Some crypto brands are willing to shell out a good amount of funds to have their brands featured in a crypto journalist’s content.

Crypto Analysts

These people work like Crypto Journalists, except that they do forecasts and predictions of a crypto brand. These people have deep knowledge of crypto. They analyze and discuss crypto about how it will work, what will make it, and what will break it. It can be a lucrative career, especially if they go for the content monetization route.

These are just some careers that dawned when the world started to know Blockchain technology. It was not an overnight development, as it took some time before the majority of the population became aware of Blockchain technology. But by the looks of it, it seems like Blockchain technology keeps on marching forward.

We may see another branch of Blockchain technology in the future. There might come a time when decentralized finance through Blockchain technology will be the monetary medium. For now, these are just the career paths you may take involving Blockchain.

Of course, knowledge about it is the key.

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